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Embossing machine
Coating and laminating machines
Cutting equipment

Reel to reel embossing machine for paper foil laminates.

We supply equipment that will deliver a high quality embossing of paper, plastic, film, foil and textile substrates. An extensive range of embossing processes are integrated into our machine designs including; cold, hot, flat back, male and female.

Various coating applications are available including; reverse roll, dip and squeeze, flexographic, gravure, mayer rod, air knife and knife over roll. This technology provides high efficient laminated bonds with a consistent coating density.  We also provide specialised drying equipment including steam, gas and electrical heating mediums with air impingement. Alternatively, we can supply curing system using infrared and UV.

Slitting section on a coreless rewind machine.


We offer a number of cutting methods used for slitting and trimming various substrates using; rotatory die, rotatory sheeting, shear knives, score, perforation, razor slitting, and multi-knife slitters. These can be amalgamated with existing machinery or manufacture in an individual set-up. Edge trimming applications are available with trim extraction systems.




Unwind and rewind kit
Simplex winder
Vaccum table and conveyors

Simplex or turret can be incorporated into existing production lines or supplied to a customers’ specification. A typical unwind/ rewind will consist of an aluminium lug type airshaft supported by reel holding device and a tension mechanism. Airshafts can be manufactured to accommodate various core sizes.

Duplex slitting machine.


We provide simplex winder machines with quick and easy set-up mechanisms. These can be used for a vast selection of products including gift and flower wrap.

Vertical vaccum table for matching wallpaper strips.


Vary speed belt conveyors are available, normally used for hauling coated product when conventional nip arrangements are not viable.




Replacement parts

Please contact us for a consultation regarding any enquiries you may have. We provide delivery and an on-site installation service including, fitting and adjusting the machine for operational requirements.

We supply replacement parts which are compatible with most converting applications. Common examples include; rollers, airshafts (including lugs), mandrels, reel holding assemblies, dovetail bars and fan chopping blades.

Refurbishment of coreless rewind machine for wall coverings.


We specialise in the refurbishment and upgrade of redundant machinery.

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